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Our Block Management Services

What you should expect from us...

The structure of our services to your estate will be developed with you following consideration of the terms of your lease and the collective wishes of leaseholders. Once agreed the services will be scheduled to your management agreement and will be routinely monitored for their cost effectiveness in order to provide the maximum value for money.

It goes without saying that our primary obligation is to insure and maintain the structure and common parts of your properties. If not already available we will requisition an independent building survey on the basis of which we will consult with leaseholders about the implementation of a cyclical maintenance programme that is adequate, realistic and affordable.

If major works are required we commit to consult fully with leaseholders if the work exceeds £250 per property as required by s.20 of the 1985 Act. If long-term agreements are proposed that will cost more than £100 per property per year we will engage in full consultation with leaseholders and give owners the right to nominate contractors for that service.

Property insurance will be arranged on a 'value for money' basis taking full account of the obligations to the freeholder as set out in the lease and the current value of the buildings, which will be reviewed annually. If requested we will obtain comparable insurance quotations from companies of leaseholders' choosing. We will take no commissions for arranging annual insurance.

If your estate has a caretaker or resident manager we undertake to provide a realistic job description based on the wording of the lease and residents' day to day requirements and we will provide training and regular support through routine site visits by the relevant line manager.

We will exercise total transparency with regard to service charges. Your accounts will be certified annually and you will have a detailed summary of all income and expenditure. Your reserve funds will be kept in your own designated trust account and a statement of that account will always be available on reasonable request. We will consult with you annually before setting your service charge budget and once agreed it will be monitored quarterly to ensure expenditure is within the prescribed limits. We will maintain a robust yet sympathetic arrears policy.

This is a brief summary of our services and we don't think you should expect anything less. If you want more we will strive hard to meet your additional requirements.