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Our Philosophy on Block Management

‘Our mission’by Team founder, Dudley Joiner.

During my time as the Chief Executive of The Right to Manage Federation I have been constantly reminded of the shortcomings of leasehold management. Despite decades of landlord and tenant legislation complaints about neglected repairs, high service charges, lack of transparency and infrequent consultation continue to drive more and more owners to exercise their right to manage and appoint managing agents of their own choosing.

Abuse in the industry remains rife and despite continued pressure from leaseholder support groups the current government has announced it has dropped plans to regulate managing agents and with it the long-awaited accounting rules which would have provided greater statutory protection for service charge monies.

Howard Schultz, the Chairman of Starbucks Corporation once said "Sometimes you have to create the thing you want to be part of". So when it arose I grasped the opportunity to set up a residential property management company that could really address the needs and expectations of leasehold owners.

Your properties are your homes and serving your interests is our mission and our priority. Of course we have to follow statutory guidelines. We are also governed by the terms of your lease and when necessary we may have to enforce covenants to ensure everyone's peaceful occupation. We also have an obligation to your freeholder to maintain and repair the property. But we never forget that collectively you the leaseholders have by far the largest financial investment in the building, so wherever and whenever possible we strive to consult and involve you in all key decision making especially when it comes to service charge budgeting and expenditure.

Our philosophy is embodied in our motto..
“Working together works”.